Why Content Marketing is the Key to Building Your Business Online

Content Converts is all about helping you build a profitable online business with compelling content and strategic design.

When people go online they want information, not immediate sales pitches. So it’s your ability to attract people with compelling free content in order to sell them something related that will set you apart and help you succeed.

And that’s what content marketing is all about.

It generates traffic, links and authority. It also builds relationships, demonstrates your abilities, and persuades in an under-the-radar way.

In other words, content converts.

It converts visitors into subscribers and subscribers into customers.

Content Converts is all about helping people without big fancy marketing budgets build their businesses with content. This means exploring:

  • how to get traffic
  • hot to design your site strategically
  • how to get subscribers
  • how to sell more of your stuff

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Content, Blogging and Google

Everyone knows that blogging is still the smartest strategy for producing regular content that ranks well in search engines. It also happens to be the best way to get started with content marketing. And not only will blogging help you rank well for your keywords and for long tail results, it also shows people that your website has life, is trusted and that your audience is engaged.

Content and Social Media

In social media, conversations are marketing. Your logo is not your brand – you are. Your brand is the feeling you leave people with after they interact with you. And it helps to have something to share with them that makes them feel good. Content marketing not only gives you something to share through social media, it also creates a compelling place for you to send people to do business with you.

When you can make people talk about what you’re doing online because of the content you deliver – then you win.

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About Mark Macdonald

mark macdonaldFor the past three years, I’ve been helping clients create websites and use the internet to market their businesses.

Through a mix of content marketing, design and search engine optimization I was able to help one already successful local business start generating 40% of all their new clients through their website.

In October 2010 I was able to quit my day job and do this for a living full time.

This site will be where I share marketing and design strategies that have been working for myself and my clients.

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