Introducing Kickstarter: A Free Skin for the Thesis Theme

When I set out to make my first Thesis skin I wanted to keep things simple (and free).

I also wanted to create a design that put the emphasis on content and conversion.

The result is Kickstarter, a clean, simple skin that lacks clutter and gets you past the ‘out-of-the-box’ Thesis look and feel.

In coming up with the design, I asked myself what were some of the features I look for in a blog design as well as what were people asking for help with in the DIYthemes forums.

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How to Get a Website Up and Running on the Thesis Theme from Scratch

thesis theme 101There are a lot of Thesis tutorials online.

Including some on how to install Thesis.

But many assume you have a basic understanding of web hosting, installing WordPress and using FTP to upload files to your server.

This tutorial is assumes none of that and is aimed at beginners who want to get their first self-hosted WordPress site up and running on the Thesis Theme for WordPress, all in three simple steps.

To get started, watch the video tutorial below.

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Warning: Is this Copywriting Mistake Killing Your Sales?

warningDid you know one of the most commonly recommended copywriting techniques is also one of the easiest to screw up?

If used correctly this technique can get you more readers, subscribers and sales.

Used incorrectly this technique can also cost you subscribers, customers and sales.

Which technique am I talking about?

Read on.

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Getting Started with the Thesis Theme for WordPress [Infographic]

thesis-thumb1So you bought the Thesis Theme for WordPress but you’re confused about how to get it up and running.

Or maybe you’re currently using and are thinking about buying Thesis but heard it requires “web hosting” and think it sounds technically intimidating.

Well, I’ve created a nifty infographic that spells out exactly what you need to get your Thesis site off the ground.

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The Dodos’ Guide to Selling Products Online

The way of the Dodo

This Dodo knows how to sell

If you look around, most businesses are Dodos when it comes to marketing and selling their products online.

Their websites are out of date and clumsy, and their online sales are all but extinct.

Whether it’s a ugly website or the inability to communicate what makes their offering remarkable, plenty of businesses struggle to present a professional online presence that builds trust and gets people to pull out their credit cards.

However, there are businesses that are doing it right and as it turns out you have to be a Dodo to copy them.

In this case I use the word Dodo because I’m referring to the company DODOcase. DODOcase makes high-end iPad cases and have sold more than 10,000 units at $60 a pop because they understand how to present and position their product to consumers.

Let’s look at how they do it.

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Is the Thesis Theme For WordPress Right For You? (My Story)


This is not your typical Thesis WordPress review.

The technical in’s and out’s of Thesis have been well covered throughout the blogosphere so I’m not going to go into them in too much detail here, but I will review some of the new features in Thesis 1.8.

I’ll also help you decide if you think Thesis might be right for you.

But first, here’s a quick story about how I came to buy the Thesis Theme for WordPress in the first place back in 2009.

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